OmniMusic Promomix by Infest (Free Download)

Omnimusic promomix by infest Vol.01

Omni Music presents it’s first full promo mix courtesy of Infest, who showcases the labels sounds with a deep voyage into the unknown. With a combination of current and future releases, he mixes the light and the dark, varying from full on jungle tear outs to experimental glitched soundscapes. Infest perfectly catches the deep vibe that Omni Music represents, a vibe that is as fitting to listen to at home, due to it’s intricate and musical variety, as much as it is to hear out in a club, where the rhythms pound the dancefloor. There’s something for everyone in this mix, so turn it on, take a deep breath and let it take you to wherever it goes.


01. Fada – Space Cake
02. Enjoy – 0517 Lowdown
03. CJ Weaver – 20,000 Leagues
04. Fada – This Is Existence
05. Infest – Blue Nature
06. Shadow Boxerz – Breaklock
07. Eschaton – Flurries
08. Maff – Feelings
09. Neil S – Limbo
10. Enjoy and Eschaton – San Pedro
11. Infest & Quasi – Uprising
12. Greenleaf – M
13. Jiva – Belvedere
14. mono_sono – Flash Memories
15. Madcap & Wilsh – I’ll Be There

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Recorded and mixed by R. Peperkamp
All tracks are copyright Omni Music 2011.
Artwork by: Robbert Peperkamp at |

  1. More awesome work, again with the lighting! Makes me a tad bit envious. Hehe

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