Monthly Archives: October 2011

This is a video of an interview for 113 Freshvids in 2010. They make little cult movies of music and art related artists in the Netherlands. In this interview we talked about my music, parties that I’ve organized in the past.

Unfortunately this is interview is in Dutch so my apolagies for the Non-Dutchies!


It’s Friday again so it’s time for a new blogpost full of visual goodies.

Click on the links for more information about the artists.

Lars Teichman






One In Ten – Ilovedust – Illustrators & Artists Agents – Début Art




Today I found out that my good mate Quasi made a new tune called “Commute”. Normally we make jungle beats together which is a totally different thing in tempo. But it’s so nice to hear that his solo work has made so much progression lately and is still driven on breakbeats.

So take a seat, put on some nice headphones and enjoy!

Lines and dirst #02 (2011)
Used materials are coffee, aqrylics and ink on a 38 x 47 cm wooden panel.

This is a little piece I made for a friend of mine. I tried to make this one with a lighter and more structured feel then the previous one I’ve posted.

Not for sale

I want to present you “Night Shift Collective” ! Wich is a group of producers I joined recently.
This group joined forces to showcase the finest deep night music. This music is along the lines of Future Garage, 2-Step, Ambient and related styles that feature deep, sincere vibes.

If you’re trying to find the soundtrack to your night in solitude or just chilling out, look no further.

You can check the fololowing links for more information: