Quantum 2 cd release

Quantum 2 is the first in a 2 CD set of remixes of tracks produced by Eschaton from his Quantum 1 LP, released on Omni Music

After running a remix competition and approaching a varied array of producers, these last two installments show the multitude of avenues that the original LP sounds can be taken. They focus mainly on experimental drum and bass rhythms but also sweep through deep electronica and strange but beautiful places inbetween.

The two volumes are available as limited edition CD’s as well as by download in a choice of formats.

Release date: 24 July 2011

All tracks written and produced by C.Wright. Remixed and re-produced by each respective artist.
All tracks mastered by Macc at SC mastering.
Artwork by Eschaton (C.Wright).

1. Eschaton – Schrodinger (Shadow Boxerz Remix)
2. Eschaton – Boson (Parallel Remix)
3. Eschaton – Nucleus (Enjoy Remix)
4. Eschaton – Zero Point (Infest Remix)
5. Eschaton – Bohr (Ursa Remix)
6. Eschaton – Neutron (Fushara Remix)
7. Eschaton – Duality (Wilsh’s Fragile Life Remix)
8. Eschaton – Photon (Jiva Remix)
9. Eschaton – Wave Function (Cycom Remix)
10. Eschaton – Flux (Nic TVG Remix)
11. Eschaton – Photon (Relapse Remix)

Have a listen to my remix of Eschaton’s “Zero Point”:

Or have a listen to all other tracks featured on the Quantum 2 LP and find more information how to purchase these tracks digitally or on CD:

Eschaton – Quantum 2 LP The Remixes


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