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As a member of this new drum ‘n bass label co-labelowner Phuture-T  asked me to do the artwork for their first release.

New drum ‘n bass label Eastern Promise Audio is proud to announce its first official release which will be available from Friday the 30th of September 2011. It will feature the debut of one of the label’s own flagships, the producing crew Dam Nation, with two of their finest tracks.
This will set the tone for a line of releases which feature many other artists signed with the label. They include Double O, Infest, Rumbleton, Phuture-T, Splinter, and many likewise producers which recently have become associated with the label, such as Morphy, Flatliners, and Acid Lab.

Dam Nation – Mescaline

” EPA’s first release (EPA01) will feature the Dam Nation tracks Mescaline on the A-side, and Under Dementia on the flip. The Dam Nation production crew consists of no less than five members, including Phuture-T, Splinter, Logikz, Reactor Grits, and Drome.
The first track is, as the name suggests, an epic trip which can be neither described as either light or dark, as it ambiguously encompasses both; through many stages expressed through classic jungle breaks and deep soaring basslines, the songs progress in a spiritual way through classic gamelan sounds, whispers and soundscapes which are unpredictable and mysterious.
As a heavy trip can be essentially indescribable through words, Dam Nation crew has tried doing it through sound, that must be heard to convince. ”

Dam Nation – Under Dementia

” They continue their dark ride through the B-side with Under Dementia; more minimal but equally complex in drum patterning, the song opens with traditional Japanese vocals, subtle percussion and mysterious horn sounds, where a soundscape gradually starts opening up to draw the listener into its atmosphere. Once the bass stabs for the first time, the tune falls into its heavy form and reveals its skin of dazzling sounds which fill the audio spectrum and keep on coming out of unexpected corners. Again it makes no difference between a pure light and dark side (although it’s leaning to the latter), and even though less divided into stages then a trip in Mescaline, it is just as epic, dark, and mysterious. ”

The Reactor Studios crew from Amsterdam, took years to create and develop the distinct and exclusive sound of drum ‘n bass they want to put forward through Eastern Promise Audio.
Heavily inspired by oriental sounds and philosophies, the label will focus on the darker, experimental side of drum ‘n bass and thus has launched its own website in the summer of 2011 with a special freely downloadable mix by DJ and producer Phuture-T to get its audience warmed up for the sounds to come. To further celebrate its start, Phuture-T shall showcase its sounds live in London on the 11th of November during the 5 year anniversary of Double O’s Rupture crew at Corsica Studios, and of course on the day of the release itself with a special long edition of the Reactor Studios Show on Jungletrain web radio.

Eastern Promise Audio’s release EPA01, will be for sale online from this website, Juno Download, Digital-Tunes, and Chemical Records. Their next release, the long awaited Double O EP, is scheduled for November 2011. Phuture-T will also host a new free mix featuring the most recent sounds and artists which got associated with the label, available for download soon!

For now, have a listen to the audio clips on Juno Download or Chemical Records and add them to your wishlist:

Buy Eastern Promise Audio releases Juno Download



This painting build upon a layerd grid which formed the Trianglizm composition.
Used materials are Aqrylics on a 100cm x 80cm canvas.

Last week I’ve started this inspiration post and dropped some artwork. This week I want to focus more on typography. Typography is something we have to deal with everyday. It can be on the streets, in books or as art. So I,ve made a collection of using text in a creative approach.

For more info about the artists you can click on the links below the images.










Audio Buffet presents Transmission Intercepted Part 2.

Earlier this year the label released Transmission 01 and 02. The EP`s introduced the collaboration between DJ Trax and US Hip Hop group Assorted Anonymous.

Following on from Transmission Intercepted part 1 (released last month) four more artists offer their interpretations of the Transmission EP`s.

The remixers who feature on part two are;

Monophonic (3pbeats Records,Phazz-a-delic, Mole)
Naibu (Fokuz Recordings, Creative Source, Horizons)
Dub-One (Scientific Wax, Ingredients Records, Soothsayer)
DJ Trax (Moving Shadow,Audio Buffet,Paradox Music)

You can hear full clips and can purchase the EP on a pay what you feel basis here.

Cover designed by Dean Warner. Original Photos by Jim Van Loo.
The advantage of releasing the EP`s on Audio Buffet is that the label represents underground music right across the spectrum. As a result I was able to give the artists complete creative freedom and as expected none of the artists disappoint!

The EP is beautifully mastered by Arjun Demeyere.

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This is the new videoclip from “Donker Oss – Oss is Donker”.
Donker Oss is a Duth hiphop collective from the Netherlands.

This is the dutch pressrelease:
Hiphopformatie Donker Oss brengt videooclip ‘Donker Ons’uit en draagt twee nummers bij aan ‘Laot ze mar komme’, een album met liederen over Oss.

De Osse groep Donker Oss bestaat uit producer/beatcreator/MC Baas Kaas, DJ/beatcreator, Kilo Kretek, MC’s Fritsie Bone en Schw@rzkOpf, Zanger/MC Sho Stylin en Bassist Wauzzer. Bijgestaan door een schare bevriende rappers, muzikanten, vormgevers en meer creatief gespuis uit Oss maakt deze uit de kluiten gewassen bende sinds begin 2010 korte metten met de nachtrust. De videoclip bij Donker Ons, het openingsnummer van de op 28 mei uitgegeven zelfgetitelde EP van Donker Oss, is van de hand van oud Ossenaar Rick Peters ( Eerder produceerde hij al een clip voor Royal with Cheese (Baas Kaas) samen met Neo, waarna hij producties heeft gedraaid voor o.a. Billy en RMB.

Onlangs heeft de groep tevens twee door het donkere verleden van Oss geïnspireerde nummers opgenomen die zullen verschijnen op de CD ‘Laot ze mar komme!’. Op dit album zijn de originele moordliederen, die in de jaren 1920 en 1930 zijn gemaakt naar aanleiding van moorden door de Osse Bende, te beluisteren. Daarnaast zijn er nieuwe en oude, vrolijke doch ruige, liederen uit Oss opgenomen. Het album is leverbaar vanaf 23 september en nu al te bestellen bij uitgeverij Veerhuis (

Donker Oss treedt vrijdag 23 september op in de Hall of Fame in Tilburg op het hiphopfeest ‘Beest’ en staat zaterdag 29 oktober in de 013 op het ‘Definitie van Hiphop’ festival.

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