Special Sub Woofing show featuring a 1 hour liveset by Infest and the last 25 minutes are mixed by Cerberus.

Tracklist Infest:
01.Infest -Does it Float (Live version)
02.Greenleaf – You have to hit them
03.Abio – Intelligence
04.Quasi – Space
05.Paralapse – Nt Bash
06.Asymmetric – Industrial (part1)
07.Infest – Angoona (Live Version)
09.Infest & Quasi – Both Worlds (Live Version)
10.Nebula – Prototype Chords
11.Chris Inperspective – Pandaling Hands
12.Mindmapper & Fre4knc – Ghoti
13.Infest – Tinag (Live Version)
14.Polska – Monotic
15.St. Kaas – Ripley’s Theme RMX
16.Infest&Quasi – Mercury (Live Version)
17.Splinter – Elder
18.Infest & Quasi – Uprising (Live Version)
19.Infest & Quasi – Dark Days (Live Version)

Tracklist Cerberus:
01. Cavernous Space – Timeline (Materializm)
02. Dam Nation – Mescaline (Eastern Promise Digital)
03. [NSF]Sativa – Shadow In The Dark (Break-Fast Audio)
04. Nebula – Enter 94 (DSCI4)
05. Nolige – Featcha (Foundation X)
06. Skitty – Warehouse Project (36HZ)

My man Laudanum from Poland live and direct:

Laudanum TV – laudanum in the mix (1. Session)


1. Need for Mirrors – Retrograde [Samurai Red Seal]
2. Jubei – patience (Metalheadz)
3. Alix Perez and Lynx – dangerous
4. Zero Tolerance and Survival – cold blood
5. Seba and Lenk – mandelkubb

booking and info:


01.Mindmapper & Fre4knc – Mind of steel (Break-fast Dub)
02.Damn Nation – Dante’s Theorem (Eastern Promise Audio)
03.Pessimist – Eastern Prophet Ft. Vega (dub)
04.St Kaas – C’est Break Mark II (Dub)
05.Quasi –  Distant Land (Dub)
06.Infest – Mindless (ForthComing on Eastern Promise Audio)
07.Champa B – Sphere Swallower pt 2 (Toxemia)
08.DjTrax – Windows to the Soul (Syncopathic Recs)
09.Mindmapper & Silvahfonk –  Vaccinate (Dub)
10.Eschaton – Faerie Tail (OmniMusic)
11.Parallel & TimReaper – The Bird Tune (Syncopathic Recs)
12.Infest – Out of this world (DSCI4)
13,Made In Russia – Message Force (????)
14.AcidLab pres. Kodama – (Remix Dub) (break-fast audio)
15.Morphy – Ruffneck (Dirty Dub)
16.DSP – Amen Fools (Free Download)
17.Double O – Why are we here (Eastern Promise Audio)
18.Leonux – Fusion (Dub)

Total: 61:53 min

Recorded and mixed by R. Peperkamp
Artwork by: Robbert Peperkamp at https://leftwithnoise.wordpress.com
For bookings you can contact me at robbert.peperkamp@gmail.com | AIM: infestdnb

While working on my album I’m working on many drumkits (racks) to build a huge libary of drumsounds. Today I’ve made a classic jungle kit I want to share with you all.

The rack contains a couple of fx that you can use to shape your kit with a 3 band EQ that I’ve got from Tarekith, a washing reverb, compression, distortion and there’s also a delay effect you can use to make little juggle style cuts.

Feel free to use it in your own productions.

Download Rack